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5 Ways to Spot a Fake Pandora Bracelet vs Real

When you’re shopping for genuine PANDORA charms, there are some features that will help you spot fake Pandora bracelets vs real counterfeit charms from the start. Whether you’re looking at the catalog or an individual Murano charm in person,

These five ways to spot a fake PANDORA will help you identify which pieces are real and which ones aren’t so you can buy with confidence. As an added bonus, you’ll learn how to spot fakes not just of PANDORA items but of other brands as well.

1) Look at reviews

If you want to ensure that your earrings are not only genuine but also made of high-quality material, then pay attention to what other customers have said.

What’s good about online shopping and designated stores is that you can find out how real or fake an item is by simply reading through reviews.

Some people may even share pictures of their jewellery so you know exactly what you’re buying. Look for anything that could be considered suspicious: be it colour fading, mismatched settings or hardware, or even wrongly engraved patterns on pendants and glass beads. The bottom line is, if it looks too good to be true, then chances are it probably is!

2) Beware of price deals

While shopping for pandora earrings, especially on eBay, be wary of any deals that are too good to be true. While it’s possible to get lucky and score authentic Pandora charms for less than retail price, these deals are generally scams.

In order to save money when buying Pandora jewelry at full price, look out for sales and coupons; also check with your local mall’s jewellery store since they’ll sometimes give you a discount if you bring in your own Pandora box.

Look at detail

This is probably obvious, but many fake pandora charms bead lover aren’t made of sterling silver. If you hold it under a light, you can actually see that it’s not sterling silver. Make sure that it shines with an opaque shine.

In general, if something sounds too good to be true, or looks like an incredibly cheap deal on your most beloved item – chances are it is not real! It may seem like I’m being harsh with my judgment here,

but while I know everyone has their own tastes and budgets when buying jewellery – there should still be some sort of standard for how much money you would expect to pay for Pandora! Don’t cut corners and buy fake jewellery just because you think you can save some money.

3) Observe quality

You know you’re holding real Pandora when you pick up an item and can see it is full of high-quality details. That’s because Pandora works with some of the best craftsmen in Europe.

You might think they’re cheating, but they actually take more time handcrafting their items than other manufacturers do.

What do you notice when picking up fake products? Do they feel flimsy or cheap? Are there lots of tiny mistakes like Pandora spelt precious metals wrong on them? It doesn’t hurt to ask your local jeweler for advice about spotting fakes before you buy! Even if you don’t buy from them, many will be happy to inspect an item for free and tell you if it’s not authentic.

Check the weight

If it seems as though your new gold pieces bracelet is getting heavier and heavier, you may have discovered one of Pandora’s recent fakes. Since Pandora releases new charms seasonally, they often discontinue older ones and sell them through wholesalers.

Be wary if someone tries to sell you old items that are still being produced by retailers. To avoid getting duped into buying false advertising, pay attention to weight—real pandora charm bracelets will weigh roughly 10% more than imitations.

Don’t forget that there are tons of fake pandora charm earrings out there too! If anything feels off about your item, don’t be afraid to double-check its authenticity or get your item appraised for peace of mind!


The easiest way to tell if your Pandora earrings are fake is by simply looking at them. If they’re too dark, it’s likely that they’re tarnished or cheap copies.

With silver, a little tarnishing is normal after wearing them in certain conditions and wiping them down with jewelry cleaner will bring their shine back up. However, if your necklace has changed colours, you can be almost sure that it’s not real silver.

4) Read the brand information

There are a few places on Amazon that you can check to make sure you’re getting an authentic product. First, look at any information sections of your listing and pay attention to what it says.

Most items have brand logos and trademark info in some form or another, while others will also have the country of origin information listed. This information should match up with what is listed on Pandora’s website.

The logo itself may also be different—while there is one generic one used on most listings, each region or line may use their own logos for tags and labeling that don’t show up in those product descriptions unless you click through them.

5) Compare markings

The most common fake mark is 925 as opposed to S925. Note also that genuine Pandora charms have 925 stamped on both sides of the charm, not just one side. Make sure all your charms have 925 written in exactly that way on both sides and that it appears cleanly stamped and completely unobscured by ink or anything else.

It will be hard for them to copy S925 so if you see something like S-925 or something with an odd spacing it’s probably a fake!

Spot fake packaging

When looking at a Pandora product, check that it’s in original packaging (authentic products come in blue boxes and bags with holograms on them). This doesn’t necessarily mean an item has been fake if it doesn’t have its original packaging; these earrings are not fake as they are still in their authentic box and bag.

Another way of spotting fakes is when prices seem too good to be true: there probably is something fishy going on. Also, price comparisons can be helpful. Be wary of deals like 50% off or buy one get one free as they are often used by sellers to make items appear more appealing.


How do you spot a fake Pandora charm?

Well, if you ask any Pandora employee, they’ll tell you that there are things to look for when buying Pandora jewelry. After all, with all their unique charms and accessory pieces, it can be hard to keep track of everything… especially if you’re a collector!

What is a PANDORA?

First of all, unlike other imitation, fashion jewelry company brands, such as imitation Tiffany & Co. and Zales engagement rings, imitations of Pandora charms aren’t that easy to spot if you don’t know what they look like.

Where can I find more information about spotting fakes?

There are several useful resources online platforms for learning how to spot fake jewellery. This link will take you to Pandora’s own guide about spotting fakes. In addition, we recommend purchasing from reputable dealers who offer guarantees and refund policies on goods that fail quality checks.

How do you know if it’s real or fake?

Before you buy Pandora earrings, it’s important to know how real and fake pieces of jewelry lovers differ. The easiest way to spot fakes is through the presence of a mark on every authentic piece that Pandora sells.

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