Body Chains Jewelry Necklaces

How to Wear Body Chains Jewelry Necklaces?

Writing your own body chains jewelry pro and con list can help you decide if the fashion accessory will be a good addition to your look or not.

Here are eight reasons why you should wear a body chain and eight reasons why you shouldn’t wear one. How many do you agree with? If you come up with more than 12 positive points, it might be time to get your own body chain!

Do you own a body chain? 

If not, consider adding one to your wardrobe. Body chains are a versatile piece of wide variety jewelry that you can wear with many different types of outfits, from casual to elegant and everything in between. 

If you have a low-cut dress that you’re going to wear to a party or dinner out, adding a drapey body chain can take your look from pretty to stunning in one step.

Let’s tally up the pros and cons of body chains to see if they’re the right choice for you. Body chains are great.

How To Wear Full Belly Chain Jewelry

When wearing a belly chain, you need to be sure that it’s not visible or taken away from your outfit.

Start with light-colored tops or camisoles so that your body chain isn’t drawing attention away from other parts of your outfit.

You can also wear a full-body chain with a maxi dress where it will easily blend in without being noticed, assuming you are able to find one that matches.

Additionally, if you prefer gold chains over silver ones, make sure they are small enough not to draw attention to themselves. The same goes for stone and metal beads as well.

How To Wear Gold/Silver Underbelly Chain Jewelry

If you are not a professional model, do not wear gold body chain jewelry. If you have a fair complexion, do not wear silver underbelly chain jewelry; If you have darker skin, silver will look wonderful against your skin tone.

Use layering with an underbelly chain to complement all outfits. Do note that just because one color doesn’t work on your body type or skin tone, it doesn’t mean that other colours won’t look great!

There are so many options to choose from, don’t limit yourself. You can even coordinate if you want and try it out! Wear your body chains as often as possible!

How To Wear Bikini/Underbelly Chain Jewelry

If you’re not yet wearing body chains, you will be soon! This sexy accessory has quickly become a staple in nightclubs, casinos, clubs and shows.

But before you pull out your wallet to purchase one for yourself, there are some dos and don’ts to know about what is hot on-trend jewelry. -Do: Purchase a body chain made with gold or silver.

Underbelly chain jewelry that also drapes over your chest (full body chains) are always fashionable but can be more expensive than a simple underbelly chain made with silver or gold. -Don’t: Wear a body chain over your clothing; they should be worn directly on the skin only.

8 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Body Chain

Pros and Cons Full Body chain jewelry

Eight reasons why you should wear body chains

1. Because they make an outfit more interesting 

2. They’re a great way to dress up a sexy outfit 

3. They can be a fun complement to plain outfits 

4. They show off your tan 

5. They’re versatile and easy to match with other jewelry 

6. Like any accessory, they help highlight your unique style 

7. They don’t take up much space in your closet 

8. Crop tops are out, body chains are in! 

#9…and because you look hot in them! 🙂

Going for a bohemian vibe? 

Go for dainty silver or gold coins that lay flat. Want a simple, elegant chain? Opt for one with small links or consider a chain maille with its thinner chain diameter and consistent weave. It won’t get as tangled as other types of chain when you move around at night.

1) The Basics

A body chain is a necklace you wear around your waist. This style of statement jewelry is popular in Latin America, particularly Brazil and Mexico, where women pair it with a halter dress or low-cut top.

The look can be casual or super sexy. You can choose from hoops, long chains, spiked details and more. They’re an edgy way to make an outfit pop without being too over-the-top for day to day wear.

2) Pick The Right Materials

We’ve talked before about why real gold jewelry makes an excellent investment, but even if you don’t want to keep your body chain forever, it pays to choose a piece that will look its best for as long as possible.

For instance, silicone and plastic are cheap materials that tend to show wear and tear more quickly. If you like brightly colored options, pick body chains made from quality materials—they’ll be a better investment in terms of both monetary value and aesthetics.

(If you do buy one of these brightly love-colored styles, just be careful when wearing them around small children.)

3) Accessories That Go Well With Body Chains

Accessorizing your body chain is one of our favourite things to do. You can go all out or keep it simple with just a pair of earrings and minimal jewels.

With so many options, you’re sure to find something that looks great on you! Here are some of our favorite love body chain accessories: long necklaces, glam bracelets, tassel earrings, and drop earrings. Or why not mix and match? How about a fun drop necklace with chandelier earrings?

Tips For Picking Out The Perfect Chain For Your Needs

When buying a body chain, there are a few things to keep in mind. The full-body chains run small in size, so you may need to shop for one that is one or two sizes bigger than your normal clothing size.

This isn’t a problem because they are easy to adjust with a simple clasp that allows you to hook it together as tight or loose as you need it.

The gold body chains tend to be slightly heavier than others, but shouldn’t be an issue unless you have weak arms. However, if you are looking for something a little bit more gentle on your skin or want something lighter in weight, go with silver chains instead.

When to Wear a Body Chain

Body chains are not intended for daily wear and should not be worn to work or class. Gold body chains look great with lingerie.

The more skin you have showing the better. Since these chains have an eye-catching look, we can pair them with a blazer or button-down for a formal event. When wearing full body chain jewelry love, your ensemble should also be on the dressier side as opposed to beach casual.

One thing that is always important is to match your body chain and be aware of the different options you have when pairing a body chain with other accessories such as earrings and necklaces.

How do you put on body chain jewelry?

Put on a body chain with a little help from your friends. Here’s how to do it: 

1. First, attach a clasp to one end of your chain and make sure that it is closed tightly. 

2. Next, take both ends of your chain in hand and slide one end over each shoulder so that it hangs down in front or back depending on where you plan to place them (some people choose not to wear chains around their neck). 

3. Now, join both ends together by placing an open clasp into an open link on one side. Remember that, unlike regular jewelry chains, body chains come with either two or three holes at each end, which makes them more flexible when it comes to how they are worn around your body. 

4. Slip both sides of your body chain through any clasp attached to other pieces of jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. 

5. Finally and most importantly adjust each piece so that everything lays correctly and comfortably against your skin; all parts should be touching without causing unnecessary pinching or squeezing. If adjustments need to be made, simply detach some links from clasps for a perfect fit every time!

Good places to put a body chain? 

Your options are endless but here are some examples of good places to wear these fabulous chains: • Over high-cut bikinis 

• As part of formal attire 

• Over dresses 

• On top of shirts 

• Around waistbands.. the list goes on! You can even pair multiple chains together if you like!


How To Wear Them In Pairs Or Groups

Body chains look best depending on your neckline. Put three or four in a row around your neck, and don’t forget to layer them with other necklaces. 

Are body chains still in style?

Yes, wearing a body chain has become somewhat of a trendy style trend in recent years. But, since fashion is constantly evolving and every woman and girl likes this style.

How do you dress a body chain?

Body chains are best paired with low-cut dresses, especially ones that are strapless or show a lot of cleavage.

How do you wear a body necklace?

Since waist chains are worn on your upper torso, you’ll want to wear them with a dress or top that hugs at your waist. It just depends on what kind of effect you’re going for.

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