Top 10 Best Earrings to Match Your Hairstyle

When styling your outfit, the key is all in the details. One of those details that can make or break the look is your Earrings to Match Your Hairstyle. But how do you choose earrings to match your hairstyle?

We’ve put together a list of seven earrings that will perfectly complement any hairstyle and add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. So, if you’re looking for the ideal earrings to match your hairstyle, keep reading for our top picks!

10 Earrings to Match Your Hairstyle

1) Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder-length hair is the perfect hairstyle to show off statement earrings and make a bold fashion statement. You can choose from various shapes and sizes, from hoops to chandeliers.

Look for large and colourful earrings to best fill the space around your face and bring attention to your hairstyle. For extra glamour, pair them with an updo or a half-up-half-down hairstyle.

Combining earrings and hairstyles that show off the earrings will have everyone turning heads. Plus, you can always opt for small studs or minimalistic earrings with a ponytail or bun hairstyle for an effortless look.

Regarding bob haircuts, look for sleek and elongated earrings to match your elegant hairstyle. No matter the occasion, there are plenty of earrings to wear with your shoulder-length hair to ensure your look is on point.

2) High Bun or Up-Do Hoops

When you wear your hair in a high bun or up-do, it’s a great way to show off your earrings! Choose a pair of long and thin dangling earrings that look beautiful from all angles.

Hoop earrings are also an excellent choice for this hairstyle, as the back of the hoop will look just as good as the front. Make sure to choose hoop earrings that fit well and don’t tilt to the side so you can show off your hairstyle and earrings.

For those with shorter hairstyles like bobs and pixies, studs or small hoops work best since they won’t compete with your haircut. Those with shoulder-length locks should opt for lightweight drops or hoops that their hair won’t overpower.

To make ponytails look stylish and unique, try statement earrings such as chandelier drops or cluster drops that draw attention to your face.

The key is finding a balance between accentuating your hair and jewelry. With the right combination, you’ll be able to create stunning hairstyles that will show off your earrings.

3) Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you want earrings that show off your natural texture without getting tangled. The best earrings for curly hair are hoops, as the curve of the hoop will complement your hair and if it gets caught,

It will be easier to untangle than a pair of chandelier earrings. Look for various sizes and textures such as brushed metals or soft hammer detailing.

If you don’t want to wear hoops, studs are always a safe option that won’t get caught in your hair. Hairstyles like buns and ponytails are perfect for showing off your statement earrings.

Hoop earrings also look great with shoulder-length hairstyles or with a bob haircut. Pixie cuts also look fantastic with earrings, so choose some small, delicate earrings to make your style stand out!

4) Side Swept Hair

If you have a side-swept hairstyle, you can use it to show off shorter and more subtle earrings. Pendant drop earrings are the best for this style as they are simple yet elegant and can come in any color.

These earrings also draw attention to your eyes, making them an ideal choice for a side-swept hairstyle. 

If you have a bun or a ponytail hairstyle, look for studs or hoop earrings to reveal the details. The hoop earrings will bring some fun and glamour to your look.

For bob haircuts, opt for long dangle earrings to elongate the face and add a bit of sparkle to your look. 

For shoulder-length hair, you can get away with wearing statement pieces like chandelier earrings or statement hoops.

This will add drama to your hairstyle and help draw attention to your face. For pixie haircuts, look for small studs or delicate drop earrings that accentuate your short hair and brighten your look.

5) Short Hair/Pixie

Short hair or pixie cuts are a great canvas for showing off stylish earrings. Earring jackets and cuffs are particularly flattering with this hairstyle, as they draw the eye to your ears and add a bit of edge.

If you’re looking for something with sparkle, opt for earrings with crystals or diamonds. These will give a feminine and glamorous look sure to make a statement.

For a more subtle style, go for earrings in a single color. Whatever you choose, you can find the perfect pair of earrings to match your hairstyle.

6) Pony Tail Huggies

For those with a classic ponytail hairstyle, you can opt for statement earrings to show off and highlight your locks. Consider earrings such as cuffs and hoops that create dramatic movement and add texture to your hair.

Huggie hoop earrings are also perfect for a low ponytail; they provide an elegant look without taking away from the face.

Whether you opt for a single pair of oversized studs or multiple earrings with several dainty studs, these choices are great for hairstyles that show off earrings.

They also provide a nice balance between laid-back style and sophistication. For those with shoulder-length hair, high bun or updo, curly hair, side swept hair, short hair/pixie, bob haircut, half-up-half-down, or chignon hairstyles, the right choice of earrings is just as important as the right hairstyle to achieve the best look.

7) Half-Up-Half-Down

Half-up-half-down hairstyles are a great way to show off those earrings, especially if you have long hair. Opt for a simple and delicate pair of studs that won’t take away from your face.

A couple of classic diamond or cubic zirconia studs are ideal for this style. If you have a shorter hairdo like a bob or a pixie, consider wearing hoop earrings, as these will draw attention to the face and highlight your hairstyle.

For a bun or ponytail hairstyle, try Huggies, which are small and subtle but still show off your hairstyle. For shoulder-length hair, opt for studs or small dangles that are appropriate for the length of your hair.

8) Hair Let Down

When it comes to hairstyles that show off earrings, wearing your hair down is always a good choice. Opt for a pair of studs like pearls or black onyx to give your look an effortless yet elegant vibe.

For those with multiple piercings, layer small studs in the same metal colours, such as silver or yellow gold. Another great option is to go for vibrant tasseled earrings that add sophistication no matter your hairstyle.

Just make sure that your earrings won’t be hidden or overwhelmed by your hair! No matter what you have, from pixie cuts to bob haircuts and shoulder-length hair, there are plenty of earring options.

When wearing a ponytail, look for hoop earrings or Huggies. If you’re wearing your hair in a bun or updo, consider wearing hoop earrings to add a touch of sparkle to the look.

Chignon Hair Style

A chignon hairstyle is perfect for those looking for hairstyles that show off their earrings. This sleek and chic hairstyle pulls your hair away from your face, allowing you to draw attention to your earrings.

Long drop earrings look beautiful with a chignon hairstyle and create an elegant, classic look. If you’re looking for something more dramatic, try hoop earrings.

The round shape of the hoop earring will stand out against the sleek lines of the chignon. For a more subtle look, consider teardrop earrings or Huggies. They will add a touch of sparkle without being too over the top.

 Bob haircut

A bob haircut is a timeless classic that is always stylish and modern. With its signature angled cut and blunt edges, it gives off a chic and sophisticated look that’s easy to style.

Bob is an excellent option whether you’re looking for hairstyles that show off your favorite earrings or want something easy to maintain.

When choosing the right earrings for a bob haircut, opt for dainty studs, hoop earrings for shoulder-length hair, drop earrings for longer bobs, or short earrings for a pixie haircut.

For buns and ponytails, Huggies or dangly earrings are perfect for highlighting the hairstyle. If you want to make a statement, go for a chandelier or statement earrings that draw attention to your look.

No matter what earring style you choose, ensure it complements the overall look and brings out the best in your bob haircut.

Does a bob make you look younger or older?

It depends on your particular bob hairstyle and how it is styled. A classic, chin-length bob can make you look younger and fresher, while a longer bob that hits around the collarbone can give you a more mature look.

However, certain bob hairstyles can be styled to look either younger or older, depending on your preference.

Regardless of which bob hairstyle you choose, particular earrings can help you achieve the desired look. Hairstyles that show off earrings, like a high bun or up-do, are perfect for hoop earrings.

Ponytail hairdos are best paired with Huggies, while a bob haircut looks great with dangle or drop earrings. For shoulder-length hair, try wearing long studs or chandelier earrings.

A pixie cut is often accentuated with delicate studs or minimalistic cuffs. No matter what bob style you choose, there are plenty of earrings to match!

How Earrings Can Change Your Face Shape

We use our hairstyles to frame our faces in a flattering way. For instance, a bob hairstyle can elegantly frame a long face to give a more voluptuous look.

When it comes to earrings, there are similar principles in place. Choosing the right earrings for your hairstyle can help show off your features and create the look you want.

Whether you’re looking for hairstyles that show off earrings or earrings to wear with a ponytail, here’s how to choose the best earrings to match your hairstyle.

For bun hairstyles, hoop earrings are a perfect choice. 

They provide an elegant look and will frame your face nicely. More minor, delicate earrings are usually the best option for shorter hair, like a bob haircut or a pixie cut. 

Studs or Huggies will add subtle sparkle and bring out the features of your face.

For longer hair, such as shoulder length or half-up-half-down styles, more oversized earrings like teardrop or dangle earrings will help draw attention to your face and brighten your look.

Finally, for a classic chignon hairstyle, dangling or statement earrings will make a statement and complete your look.

By carefully considering your face shape and hairstyle, you can ensure that the right combination of earrings and hairstyle will enhance your features and create the look you want.

What is the new 2023 haircut?

The new 2023 haircuts will be all about making a statement with unique hairstyles that show off the best of your look. From sleek bobs to voluminous pixie cuts, the future styles will be all about being bold and confident in your face.

As we move into the following year, earrings will be an essential accessory to complete the look. Whether you pair them with an updo, bob, or ponytail, earrings can make all the difference in elevating your style. 

For shoulder-length hair, hoop earrings are always a good option for adding texture and shine. For a sleek bob haircut, stud earrings or tiny drops are best for creating a classic, timeless look.

If you’re rocking a long ponytail, try choosing dangle or chandelier earrings to make a statement. Those with a pixie cut should go for earrings with long chains or pendants to draw attention to the face.

And for those with a bun hairstyle, try wearing hoops or drop earrings for a more feminine touch. No matter what you choose, there’s an earring to match it!

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